Dangers and Causes of Obesity in Children and Youths Plus Hot Solutions!

The analysis showed that overweight and obesity among children and young people are a major public health problem in the United States  calorie intake for children . The prevalence of obesity among children aged 5-12 years is very disturbing and its prevalence among adolescents aged 13 to 22 years is also a strong increase .

calorie intake for children Obesity is the result of a disproportionation calories. Many of calories consumed , but very few of them are relatively worn. Childhood obesity and overweight among adolescents has both instantaneous and the effects on long-term health calorie intake for children. The following section describes the causes of obesity in children and youth and possible weight loss solutions that can be taken to reduce or avoid the scourge of excess fat.

Children are growing their food away from home . calorie intake for children The caloric intake of food is eating out is increasing. This is probably due to the fact that parents do not have time to prepare food for their rooms . The energy consumption of children can be monitored , managed and controlled by eating less food away from home and eat almost every meal , prepared with care at home calorie intake for children.

Children seem to prefer power rushes or snacks rich in calories than most adults. Provided that the parents enjoy a level of comfort for your child (Oren) to visit near supermarkets , care must be taken to control the desire of these children for the purchase and consumption of reeds or high calorie snacks calorie intake for children . These reeds may be replaced by products of low calorie confectionery .

calorie intake for children There was a sharp drop in children eating breakfast . This problem is often associated with the children of working mothers. Spouses are encouraged to work together to ensure that their children are quick brake at home before leaving for school. calorie intake for children The custom of preparing food for children containing food does not allow the child to eat when hungry alternative reeds .

calorie intake for children Most parents do not know what to feed their children or how to control the weight of their children. Read vital tips to prevent childhood obesity – that provides the solution to this problem.

Most children are excluded from regular exercise. Because of too much time spent on academic activities ,calorie intake for children watching television, playing video games or computer or for reasons aside from parents, most children are prevented enough exercise .calorie intake for children Since the complete removal of energy or calories is impossible and calories and energy diet plays a vital role in the body , regular exercise help to expend excess calories. Of course, there are many exercises wonderful home your children can practice calorie intake for children .

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