Numerous Reasons To Quit Smoking And Opt For E Cig Use

By Dana Trendtini
A lot of smokers nowadays have given up their former habit and embraced a new one in the form of vaping. This practice involves the use of a device called an e cig, enabling them to experience the same oral and tactile satisfaction provided by the use of a real cigarette stick. This innovative product also gives its user the freedom to choose the nicotine level and flavor.

Also referred to as a personal vaporizer or an electronic cigarette, this device is very popular currently. They are being offered by several manufacturers worldwide, with so many of them available directly on the internet. Plenty of designs currently exist, ranging from those that look like actual cigarettes to units that are made to look like cutting edge vaporizers.

The popularity enjoyed by vaping nowadays can be attributed to the many benefits it provides. All over the planet, a lot of people have turned their backs on smoking and are now considering themselves as happy vapers. So many reasons are there why a smoker may be enticed to buy e cig and give up smoking. Some of the most obvious ones are found below. Comparing all of the benefits offered by smoking in the electronic fashion, perhaps none is as more noteworthy as the positive effects it has on the health. Everyone knows that smoking is an act that endangers a person’s well-being. It’s for this very reason why today’s tobacco products are packaged with all sorts of public warnings, such as “smoking can kill”.

There are so many chemicals found in tobacco smoke, each one of them wreaking havoc to the health. Experts say that more than 7,000 toxic compounds flood the lungs of a smoker whenever he or she takes a drag. When they get to the blood, there’s no stopping these chemicals from reaching the different organs of a person’s body and leave them harmed.

It’s no secret that smoking has the most devastating impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. From high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, stroke, bronchitis to emphysema, a smokers is at risk for various health conditions, some of them can be very fatal. Cancer may also strike the nasal cavity, throat, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, urinary bladder, cervix and the lungs.

A smoker is not the only one who is placed at risk for these various health issues. The well-being of non-smokers is also in jeopardy because of secondhand smoke. Experts agree that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the one a smoker inhales. That’s because it doesn’t pass through the filter, leaving all of those thousands of poisonous substances intact.

If there’s one chemical that is present in smoking an actual cigarette and using an ecig, that’s nicotine. This is the one that makes smoking hard to give up. Vaping also supplies the said chemical in the vapor emitted in order to satisfy the craving of an individual. However, it’s up to a vaper to decide how much nicotine is present in the e juice placed in the device’s tank.

You have the complete freedom to choose how much nicotine the e juice should contain. If you used to be a heavy smoker, you may opt for e juice with up to 24 mg of nicotine. Otherwise, you may go for a lower one. It’s also possible to opt for e juice that contains absolutely no nicotine, something perfect for those who can live without this addicting chemical.

E juice may be purchased in so many flavors these days. A lot of people go for those that are based on the tastes of fruits and certain beverages, from green tea to champagne. Some vapers prefer to opt for those that are patterned from popular cigarette brands. Choosing the one that resembles what you used to smoke may help facilitate the transition to vaping.

An electronic cigarette does not cause the user to smell. That’s because it emits water vapor and not smoke that clings to the skin, hair and clothes. Since the vaper doesn’t reek, he or she can have improved self-confidence as well as social life. No one will mind talking to the person as he or she no longer suffers from smoker’s breath many find offending.

Ecigs are powered up by rechargeable batteries. Because they don’t have to be lit up, you can rest assured that you are not going to accidentally burn down your house. Go ahead and feel free to vape while in bed or lying in the couch. You can be certain that you are not going to mar your beautiful interiors as a vaping device won’t leave unsightly burn marks on the drapes, carpets and pieces of furniture out of wood.

Using an electronic cigarette may be done in so many places where smoking is prohibited. This is due to the fact that this device does not emit smoke as well as potentially cause fire accidents. Whenever a vaper is craving nicotine, he or she simply has to whip the device out of the bag or pocket. From restaurants to offices, vaping may be legally carried out.

It is said that a single cartridge which houses e juice that’s turned into vapor is equivalent to about a pack of real cigarettes. This means that the electronic device is a more cost-effective alternative to smoking. More money can be saved as the vaper no longer has to constantly buy matches or lighters. Without leaving burn marks on clothes, the savings can add up.

In order to take advantage of all these perks, an individual should opt for a top-notch electronic cigarette. It’s for sure that not all vaping devices currently on the market are the same in terms of their performance and durability. While some of them are a delight to use, others may actually frustrate a user, causing him or her to give up vaping and go back to smoking.

There are plenty of benefits offered by the use of an e cig, and many of them come straight from the mouths of actual vapers. Before anyone attempts to follow suit and purchase an electronic cigarette, it’s a good idea to log on the web and read reviews. Asking for the recommendations of vapers he or she knows personally may also be done.

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