The Various Types of Vegetarian Diets

Types of vegetarian With heart disease and obesity increasing in industrialized countries men, women and children are becoming vegetarians to promote their healthy lifestyle diet. As a vegetarian ,types of vegetarian you do not have to worry about unwanted bad cholesterol or trans fats in your diet. The disadvantage of a vegetarian diet is to ensure that you receive the correct amount of balanced nutrition to your diet. Today we will look at three main schemes ” vegetarian ” .

What is the types of vegetarian ?

All types of vegetarian diets avoid animal products some are stricter than others, however .

1: local – vegetarian

This particular system allows a person to include cheese, yogurt ,types of vegetarian butter and milk in your diet.

2: local – vivo

Near local – vegetarian , but allows the consumption of eggs too . This vegetarian diet is the most widely practiced.

3 : Vegan

This is the strictest of all.types of vegetarian No meat or animal products are not allowed .

The biggest problem vegetarian lifestyle is the lack of certain nutrients such as protein, minerals like iron,types of vegetarian calcium and zinc, and vitamins like B- 12 and D. Strict vegetarian diet is more difficult to obtain these essential nutrients .

To fight against this problem soy is the number one ingredient for protein. Soy ” hamburgers “, ” chicken ” and ” cuts “types of vegetarian are available for me the pleasure of eating , died while beans , kale and spinach are excellent sources of iron.

Any serious Vegetarian must also ensure that supplements are taken to ensure that they have the full range of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Whatever the reason or the types of vegetarian diets are followed, it is crucial that you are well aware of their nutritional needs. A doctor or nutritionist should be consulted before deciding the types of vegetarian diets.

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