Stopping Smoking With An Electronic Cigarette‏

By Zarif Stephanovich

It seems as though people are always trying to quit smoking, some with more success than others. Thankfully they are not limited to just will power now as there are various aids which will help them. People will have seen the patches and the gums as they have been about for a while, but quite new is the electronic cigarette.

Most people will agree that smoking is not the healthiest of pastimes, and as a consequence anyone who is attempting to quit should be encouraged. People often point the finger at the various chemicals mixed in with the tobacco and claim that these are the main reason for the addiction. Yet all too often these are not the only cause for this habit forming.

It seems that the whole process of smoking seems to involve some form of ritual. It is true that many smokers do seem to enjoy their habit at particular times, the most common time seems to be shortly after a meal. Many claim that to quit smoking successfully the smoker should avoid their normal habits and routines. Surely a smoker would not be expected to give up eating too. There are several other habits and rituals which a smoker will also identify with smoking. Their packet of cigarettes will normally be kept in the same place, so even reaching for it involves a certain amount of habit. As does the familiar hunt for a lighter or matches. These are processes which involve the use of hands. Many reformed smokers will tell you that trying to decide what to do with their idle hands was a difficult part of the quitting process.

The good news is that with the help of one of these devices this problem area is addressed. Some devices even look and feel a similar size to the very product you are trying to wean yourself away from. There are even models which will come in a normal type box.

Your regular routine need not be disrupted too much now if you choose to use this system. Many feel comforted just carrying round that all too familiar size packet with them. There are quite a few who have decided to try this system in tandem with another.

When you feel the urge to smoke you still have some of those regular rituals. You find the packet, and then open it extracting one of these devices. The packet can be closed and put away again. In much the same way that you would if you were still smoking. The added benefit with this system is that you are still using your hands throughout the process.

The device has a heating element built in, and it is a liquid passing over this which produces the smoke. The liquids are available in two ways, either as a disposable cartridge or a refill bottle. They will produce a variety of flavors, and some will even taste just like some popular tobacco brands.

Hopefully those who are trying to give up smoking will consider using an electronic cigarette as part of their arsenal. As previously mentioned they are very effective when used as part of a combination method. The best of it all is that they really do work.

About the Author:

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