bermuda triangle theories – Top 10 Theories Behind Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle theories The Bermuda Triangle, known by some as the Devil’s Triangle , has been the goal of many mysterious disappearances in recent years.bermuda triangle theories What really baffles the world is that the two planes and ships have disappeared. What is quite powerful and dangerous to sink ships and airplanes take the sky?

Over the years ,Bermuda triangle theories there have been a number of different theories ranging from UFOs to sea monsters portals to another world .
The latest scientific theory , which many scientists to solve the ancient mystery is gas. Methane, to be exact. Bermuda triangle theories They argue that the gas accumulates in the ocean with organic materials and other substances. They argue that when disturbed , it rises to the surface of the water. Since methane is much lighter than the water and the air, which rises rapidly in water and upward once it hits the Garber triangle theories .

Experiments have shown that the gas may cause the boat to sink in seconds .Bermuda triangle theories A ship stays afloat because it weighs less than water, but what if suddenly the boat was heavier than water? There would be no warning , no visual signs , the mere fact that the vessel struck a place instantly ,Bermuda triangle theories it was much heavier than the water around it . The evidence shows , would sink like a stone.

This same effect would take place within a maximum in the atmosphere. A plane suddenly lost their ability to stay in the air .Bermuda triangle theories It would also fall like a rock crashing into the ocean. What is the size of the bubble of methane will be the cause of this type of immediate reaction ?

Bermuda triangulate driver facing this kind of situation a chance to radio for help ? It could be enough gas in the atmosphere and made WA whole squadron of aircraft and even less one? The famous flight 19 which disappeared in a training mission composed of five aircraft. How much gas should be released down five planes at the same time ?

The theory of methane is not accepted by all. Some researchers argue that the ocean has not released enough methane to sink a ship ,Bermuda triangle theories much less five aircraft . They argue that such an event does not happen in thousands of years .

Is the answer to the question of the Bermuda Triangle ? Or is it still an unresolved awaiting discredited mystery?

bermuda triangle theories – Top 10 Theories Behind Bermuda Triangle

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