10 Foods That Prevent Acne: How To Prevent Acne

In life everyone at least once ,foods that prevent acne  we had a break or defect acne unexpected. Then , try to discover the root causes of acne and how to prevent it . We are aware of the foods that cause acne and especially foods that can help fight / prevent . By incorporating some of these foods in our matrix we increase the chances of acne care . We present 10 common foods that can be used to prevent acne foods that prevent acne . There are other similar foods and similar foods that can fight against acne to a similar effect. Here are 10 foods that can prevent acne at its cause.

1 . Cucumbers and cabbage)

Cucumbers, cabbage , melon , watermelon, parsley , lettuce, and other foods that contain a high water absorption can help to increase the consumption of water in the system.foods that prevent acne  Water consumption increases recommended as it advisable to drink 8 glasses of water a day for acne successful diet . These foods also contain vitamins and nutrients which help in the reduction and prevention of acne foods that prevent acne .

2 .Green tea )

Green tea can help cleanse the body and adds poly phenols that help strengthen the cells. All these properties support green tea as water in cleansing the body / bodies and the prevention /foods that prevent acne  reduction of acne.

3 . Plain yogurt )

This does not include yogurt flavored or vanilla yogurt foods that prevent acne . Like many flavored yogurt contains refined sugar can have properties that cause acne to hire probiotics in yogurt.

Having yogurt with fruit antioxidant which may include a probiotic and antioxidant in a game. Having yogurt with fruit can have two methods to prevent acne in one foods that prevent acne .

4. vegetables)

Lettuce , artichokes , spinach and similar vegetables are known to help prevent acne. These foods contain vitamin A foods that prevent acne , which is necessary in a balanced diet and incorporate every day.

5. Whole grains )

Whole grain cereals , bread and other whole grain foods can help prevent acne compared to alternatives. These foods also contain zinc ,foods that prevent acne  which can also help prevent acne and help reduce acne scars. This is not a complete solution for acne scars well .

6 . ) Omega- 3 fatty acids

foods that prevent acne Fish contains omega -3 fatty acids fatty acids can help prevent acne. They can also reduce obesity by eating foods rich in omega – 3 fatty acids and help prevent cancer growth .

Some foods that contain high amounts of % Daily Value of Omega- 3 fatty acids are walnuts , salmon foods that prevent acne , sardines , soy , shrimp, halibut and tofu. By integrating a large number of foods that we can get many health benefits as a result .

7 . ) broccoli

With containing a variety of vitamins ( including vitamins A, B , C , E and K)foods that prevent acne  is also considered an antioxidant and may help the agent control / reduce acne. Broccoli is one of the largest vegetables in the prevention and reduction of acne breakouts. It hurts to eat at least once a part of the day.foods that prevent acne

8 . Cloves of garlic)

The addition of garlic in meals have been shown to reduce the current acne and prevent certain extent. This does not include garlic or garlic powder salt ,foods that prevent acne  because garlic is not pure and may contain other agents that cause acne .

9 . ) Lemons and lemon juice

When the lemon juice with water can help cleanse the body and organs are added. Citric acid of lemon can help cleanse the bacteria deep in the pores.foods that prevent acne  You can also help prevent acne and reduce a little.

Another advantage is that the lemon juice is applied directly to the acne scars can help reduce scarring. Lemons are natural panacea to combat , prevent and reduce acne scars foods that prevent acne .

10 . Foods) rich in antioxidants

Foods such as blueberries foods that prevent acne , raspberries , strawberries, cherries, black / red beans, apples ( granny smith , gala ) , plums , blueberries , nuts, and others may be useful in preventing acne . It is also advisable to eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups in the prevention of acne. Built with these antioxidants in our diet, we can increase our fight acne prevention foods that prevent acne .

10 Foods That Prevent Acne: How To Prevent Acne

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