5 Ways Lemon Water Improves Your Health and Speeds Up Weight Loss

Squeeze lemon juice fresh lemon in a glass of water every morning will do wonders to help you lose weight, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system.

In water fasting weight loss addition to helping to detoxify and cleanse your body,weight loss water drinking lemon water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps to accelerate your weight loss and increase your metabolism weight loss water.

Here are 5 ways that drinking water freshly squeezed lemon every morning helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy body are presented.

1 . Increasing your energy and improve your mood

We get our energy from molecules and weight loss water atoms in our diet. When positively charged ions pass through the stomach and to interact with negatively charged ions , a reaction which gives energy to the cells occurs water fasting weight loss .

Lemons contain a large amount of negative that energize your body to get into your digestive tract charged ions .weight loss water Be more energetic and alert is a natural mood enhancer . Lemons also feels very good to help clear your mind and lift your mood .

2. Improving digestion

Lemons water fasting weight loss are a good source of dietary fiber that helps maintain a healthy digestive system, improve digestion and reduce appetite. Lemons help your liver bile production , which is essential for proper digestion weight loss water, reduce constipation and heartburn.

3 . Strengthening the immune system

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Lemons are an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C.weight loss water Vitamin C is a powerful stimulant of the immune system and helps colds and viruses hand combat . High levels of stress at work and water fasting weight loss a demanding daily schedule weaken your immune system . Lemons to keep your immune system strong to reduce the frequency of colds and flu.

4. Acting as a natural diuretic

Lemons are a natural diuretic to remove harmful toxins from the liver. Your body has a system of elimination weight loss water of natural toxins that keeps you alive and healthy , lemons increases the rate at which the body eliminates toxins .

5. Keeping your skin clear

weight loss water The vitamin C in lemons helps keep pores clean and reduce wrinkles on your skin. Lemons help detoxify your body and act as a natural diuretic , help clean debris from blood products that keeps your skin clear water fasting weight loss.

Be sure to buy organic lemons because they are free of pesticides that can accumulate in your body.weight loss water Also , stay away from bottled lemon juice because it contains preservatives and sulfates are not good for your health.

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5 Ways Lemon Water Improves Your Health and Speeds Up Weight Loss

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