Ah, the long marathon. What worrying thing for most riders. And because the long term is an essential element of marathon training .how long to run a marathon I do not think there’s another training race distance which also plays important role in the success or failure of the role of long to run a marathon As a result, you are often left with many questions half marathons 2014: How far should I run? How can I run for time or distance ? What about the rate ? What to eat and drink? how long to run a marathon The list goes on and on half marathons 2014.
how long to run a marathon In this article I will answer these questions for you that I describe my thoughts in the marathon in the long term and how I use long runs for marathon runners I coach . I like to do ,half marathons 2014 I ‘m not just give you the “how” , but I ‘LL give you the reason why I think this plan will work. In this way,how long to run a marathon you can take the information and incorporate it into your specific training plan .
how long to run a marathon I’ll preface this article with a note that this is just my ideas. Some of them have been widely criticized in the forums. I propose to address these concerns , but ultimately , you must do what you think works for you. how long to run a marathon And I also recommend you try in your training to determine what works for you. With this, this is what I prescribe long runs in the marathon phase .half marathons 2014 The results were consistent and positive . You can listen to some athletes McMillan services here.
Two types of long runs marathon , you must use
With long runs during marathon program ,half marathons 2014 you try to achieve two different goals. On the one hand , you try to maximize your ability to burn fat and save your limited muscle carbohydrate how long to run a marathon( glycogen) stores , as well as improving your leg strength and resistance to fatigue (both physical fatigue and mental fatigue). It also attempts to teach your body to better manage glucose levels in the blood decrease . On the other hand how long to run a marathon, you try to be more economical in their marathon race pace (learning to burn less fuel for a given rate ) to test their racing team and nutrition plan .how long to run a marathon You also want to give the mind a sense of focus and determination required in the final stages of the marathon itself half marathons 2014 .
Therefore, when designing a training program for the marathon,how long to run a marathon I included two types of long different series. You’re probably familiar with the first type of long term – the long and time deposits . In this term , just go out for a stable performance and easy stay for a long period . The pace is quick and the rest time is the most important goal ,how long to run a marathon not speed. The second type of long-term how long to run a marathon , however, is new to many riders. In the long run , start your normal walking pace , but try your average marathon goal pace in the last 30-60 minutes of the race. In most programs , just alternate the two types of long runs – Long distance constant weekend and the next ,half marathons 2014 a quick end to the long term.
half marathons 2014 Now I will go through each type of long-term in detail so that you know exactly how each works how long to run a marathon . I warn you that if you do not run the long term correctly , you screw up the program , so listen .
half marathons 2014 Long Distance Steady
how long to run a marathon The main objectives of the long, long distance regular increase your ability to burn fat, save more glycogen and challenge the mind and body to continue functioning even if you are tired. Physiology we know that the body uses fats and carbohydrates during the race – part of each is determined by the speed. Run fast and Reliance exchange more carbohydrates how long to run a marathon, less fat how long to run a marathon. Run slowly and muscles rely more on fat and less carbohydrates. Therefore, it is very important that this type of long term -how long to run a marathon long, long and constant , not running fast . You are going to rely more on fat at an easy pace , perhaps improve your ability to burn fat. When I say stable, or easy or even little by little, I mean a flow of conversation . Use my calculator and stay in rhythm rank of “long term” training.
half marathons 2014 .
how long to run a marathon Another aspect of the routine is slow and long-term . During slow performance increases the burning of fat for fuel, another way to really increase fat burning is executed when carbohydrate reserves are reduced. When carbohydrate how long to run a marathon (muscle glycogen) are reduced, fat burning is really happening , because there is little available carbohydrate .how long to run a marathon We know that carbohydrate reserves are reduced to 90 after 120 minutes of operation for what you want to do 30-60 minutes of operation “after”half marathons 2014 is to maximize fat burning and to help stimulate the body to store more glycogen muscle for the upcoming races how long to run a marathon ( and races ) .
how long to run a marathon When running ( and running) for so long, the glucose level in the blood decreases . The ingestion of carbohydrates (either sports drinks or energy gels) before and during the race , keeping your blood glucose in the blood. half marathons 2014 However, as seen below, you can also challenge the body to function at a lower level of blood glucose and fit better in the management of a lower blood sugar level how long to run a marathon. Therefore, regular long runs should last at least two hours, and the more the better and you can try to gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake before and during this period. With few exceptions , you should try to gradually increase its long-term more than two hours ,how long to run a marathon and I think long and stable 2:30-3:00 hours and a half are ideal for competitive runners marathon races half marathons 2014 .
Running for so long also helps to achieve two other objectives of such a long term. Firstly, these races legs become very tired, but become stronger and better able to tolerate the power for such long periods .how long to run a marathon Second, you will experience fatigue and need to be mentally strong to just keep going, knowing that you will continue to feel tired . However, it is important to remember that fatigue is what training is about half marathons 2014. Receive many benefits in marathon training only after you are tired. So the goal is to run away , to the point of being tired so that the body is stimulated to grow stronger and more fatigue how long to run a marathon .
Finally,how long to run a marathon ( and this is optional ) a great way to ensure that you will deplete your carbs in the long and stable career is not eating carbs immediately before or during the race. Any carbohydrate intake will be used by the body for fuel,half marathons 2014 and we do not want that. We reject carbohydrates the body in these races so that the muscles will be more savers carbohydrate reserves and more effective for burning fat and used to operate with low levels of glucose in the blood.
Now,how long to run a marathon many people think I ‘m crazy when I say this ,how long to run a marathon but it works. Time to adapt to it is necessary, if you always moisturize before and during long runs , but with time and practice to do. I note , however, it is important to drink water and electrolytes through these races to avoid dehydration . I also recommend putting an energy gel with you in case you get into trouble ( like taking a wrong turn ,how long to run a marathon running more than expected and get a little dizzy )half marathons 2014 .
how long to run a marathon Two words of wisdom here . First, I do not recommend retaining carbohydrates career lasted more than three hours. Second, the maintenance of carbohydrates is the ” icing on the cake ” for long and stable routine. The “cake” is that it is running for more than two hours. If you are sent to hypoglycemia by the idea of want having carbs in the long term,half marathons 2014 then by all means, eat them. You will continue to focus on the body to adapt to these long runs.
how long to run a marathon I can not stress enough that if you want to enjoy this long-term strategy which stops very little carbohydrates. Your body is probably used to it then I recommend that you keep your breakfast and even gradually begin to space out your carbohydrate intake during the long to run a marathon  For example , if you take an energy gel every 45 minutes , start to take every 50 minutes. The long-term result , extending it to 55 minutes . how long to run a marathon See how your body reacts .
half marathons 2014 Then, gradually begin to reduce the amount of breakfast comes before the long term. Over several weeks and months , you will learn that your body has a lot stored in marathons for long-term energy. Just form to access these energy reserves and not rely on outside sources . My experience has been that most athletes ( there are exceptions )how long to run a marathon , the body and the mind can be trained to work more effectively with the use of fuel for training so that when more fuel is available during the race , feeling like a million dollars!
half marathons 2014 Another note: I recommend you do the long and stable on a smooth surface and uniform as dirt racing . This helps prevent injuries ,how long to run a marathon disputes accessory muscles and is usually a more pleasant way to run easily. Bring someone with you.
I can run my long slow journey first thing in the morning and have nothing to eat before the race. half marathons 2014 I want a shot of Calif in the pocket of my shorts and hit the slopes. I drink water with electrolytes during the race during the warmer months, but no carbs . I have my 120-180 minutes of running ,how long to run a marathon then start the charging process is described in the article of nutrition on this site.
Fast Finish Long Run
half marathons 2014 The second type of long term is completely different from the routine long and stable. Fast finish becomes the center of this term. You start training on your own normal career easier , increase slightly half of the race,how long to run a marathon then try to run at a very fast pace in the last 30-90 minutes of the race. I say “quick” because it will gradually increase to a rate more rapid to finish running as fast as you can for the last few miles. I learned this from Gabriele Rosa ( perhaps the best coach in the marathon in the world ) .
how long to run a marathon In its program ,half marathons 2014 the last 10 to 30 minutes fast finish long runs are like a race. You as hard as you can and sprint to the finish. It is exhausting training, but very specific for the race. After a few of them ,how long to run a marathon you will see how effective they are in producing runners that can last longer than your competitors! Physiologically, the body is trained to work more effectively marathon pace and mentally ,how long to run a marathon you undergo extreme marathon that will inevitably face in the last kilometers fatigue.
how long to run a marathon Therefore, long- term credits for someone who is goal marathon pace is 7:00 per mile could be that the first 12 miles of a long-term will be 7:30-8:00 per mile ,how long to run a marathon the rate of six last miles will average 7:00 per mile with the last couple of miles in six 15-6 : 30 pace and very fast the last 400 meters. half marathons 2014 Believe me, this is a tough race, so you need to get prepared mentally and physically.
how long to run a marathon Long career fast finish offers the possibility to practice their routine marathon. Have the same dinner the night before you plan to have the night before the race. Get the most hydrated before the race. Wake up the day of the race half marathons 2014. Do exactly what you plan to do on the day of the race to the point of taking his racing team – shorts ,how long to run a marathon t -shirt, socks, shoes career . 
how long to run a marathon . 
half marathons 2014 This is a real “test” for the marathon. I also recommend that you have someone to help with this training. Having someone on a bike with you so you can drink the same intervals as you want in the race. And, unlike the long, slow wear , I ‘m running (or at least the short part) on the asphalt – like running . Also, unlike the long, slow wear, you want to eat carbohydrates before and during this period. half marathons 2014 P lease note that just said I do not recommend carbohydrate before and during the rapid arrival of long distances. This point has been overlooked by many brokers . In fact ,how long to run a marathon he wants to imitate the exact food plan that you will make during the long to run a marathon Chances are you have a sports drink every two kilometers. half marathons 2014 You may also be energy carrier with you to practice your plan. You’ll be surprised what you learn on your routine pre – planned marathon – what works and what does not. When the day comes marathon, you’ll be cool and calm because the routine will be second nature to you.
how long to run a marathon Our general rule, when I led the American Discovery program was that if you could complete a 14 – to 22 kilometers from rapid long-term goal with the last 8-12 miles at a very fast pace and faster last 2-3 miles,how long to run a marathon then you should have no problem reaching your goal in the marathon.
half marathons 2014 How to implement
how long to run a marathon Although I recommend a constant race around two hours long years almost for most runners, you should not start fast finish long runs of up to 8-10 weeks before the marathon. Many of these workouts and you peak too early and be flat marathon day . And you only need 2.4 of these long runs before the marathon how long to run a marathon. Therefore, I found it convenient to simply spend a long and stable routine with a long term fast while training for the marathon finish .half marathons 2014 This will put you in good stead for the marathon and prevent you from making too many races long and hard , which can be recorded and will peak too soon. The long fast final race should be respected and if consumed in the extreme will not help ,how long to run a marathon but hurt your marathon. You must purchase both types of long runs and do it properly .half marathons 2014 Running too fast and stable over the long term it hurts for a quick end to long-term next week. Believe me, marathon training is quite difficult. Be patient and let these exercises work for you how long to run a marathon .
In short, the long marathon does not have to be a mystery. Only switch one week 2-3 hours, fixed term with a quick end to long term for 8-10 weeks before the marathon and you’ll be amazed how your body adapts .how long to run a marathon In the long and stable careers , start at the end of its slow and long-term rate of 2:00 to 2:30 . In the following, increase the duration of 15 to 30 minutes until 3-4 weeks before the marathon , is running during 2:30-3:00 hours and half how long to run a marathon . (NOTE : I love the longer term is not more than 30-45 minutes , it will run with a maximum of four hours. )
how long to run a marathon In the long term fast final start running in three to five miles faster and faster with each successive term end , increase the distance of the quick game , so 3-4 weeks before the marathon , you have a 20-22 miler last 9-12 miles at an ever faster pace. (NOTE : I think jumping into a half marathon as the last part of his final few long runs fast completion is a great way to get them in the support races will be the marathon itself. )how long to run a marathon
If you plan your marathon training , I recommend the incorporation of these two long runs in your program. Good luck!
Post Script :
how long to run a marathon This article was published in 2005. At that time , it was a heresy not consume carbohydrates during training ( but if you talk to the main corridors of the U.S.S.R. and U.S.S.R., most often they had no carbohydrate during long runs. ) Some people disagreed (sometimes with great hostility) to the suggestion that limiting carbohydrates was beneficial. When I wrote the article, there was not much scientific research on the subject, but in the real world , athletes can benefit from this concept . how long to run a marathon In recent years, I am pleased to announce that there are now several well- designed peer who confirmed that training from time to time without carbohydrate supplementation is very beneficial for the magazine performance studies. As I said in the article , which is not for everyone ,how long to run a marathon but if you have reached a plateau in performance marathon , still works without carbohydrates may be the answer for you.



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