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Finding the most elegant sun self tanning micro mist products can be quite a painful experience. This is more probably if one is not informed well about what to check out in various tanners. Sun self tanning micro mist commodities contain various different agents that affect the skin layer known as the epidermis. Strength in various sun self tanning micro mist products differs, hence should be chosen in relation to the tone of the skin color of the user.

The most common agents in most sun self tanning micro mist products are DMI, Erythulose, and DHA. DHA is an agent that is derived naturally and has been in utilization since 1970s. The utilization of DHA was however not well used until 1980s when many cosmetic firms did research about it. Research showed that the agent can be manufactured in better ways to achieve browner and less orange skin tones.

The improvement in the results achieved by the use of DHA after firms did research can be attributed to an improved refining process. The improved refining process also makes the results achieved more predictable. This agent works by interacting with the dead cells on top of the skin layer. The effect of the agent is however short lived as the dead cells fade away quickly.

DHA and Erythrulose basically do the same function and work in the same way. They both react with the amino acid on the skin to turn it browner. Melanoids, which are brown colored polymers are formed due to this reaction. When erythrulose is used independently, it must be applied everyday although it does not create a dark tan. This makes cosmetic companies to always combine it with DHA where they work together to lessen a miscoloration for naturally looking skin. They achieve this by reducing streaking.

Apart from the two agents named above, sun self tanning micro mist also contain other agents within them, for example cosmetic color guide and Neutrogena instant bronze. Color guide is meant to show a person where they have already applied the sun self tanning micro mist product so as to avoid applying at the same spot again. Reapplication may lead to uneven tanning on the skin, an effect that may be worse on the face. It is however good to know that the color guide is cosmetic and fades away over time.

Neutrogena instant bronze occurs in different tones in sun self tanning micro mist products to permit individuals with varying color tones to select one that suits their needs most. Neutrogena instant bronze sets up in like thirty minutes and bronze tint aids to avoid reapplication in already worked on spots. Sun self tanning micro mist products that contain the SPF protection provide adequate protection against sunrays in case one has to spend much time basking on the beach.

Sun self tanning micro mist are very useful items for those who get darker tans on palms and areas around the hands. The method of using is simple, and requires spraying the sun self tanning micro mist product on the skin surface and rubbing uniformly. In order to avoid getting orange palms, the hands should be properly washed after the exercise.

Sun self tanning micro mist products are very cheap. They can be obtained locally from most stores, shopping malls, or shops. Online outlets that can ship orders up to doorsteps are also available.

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Tanning Micro Mist Products‏

Tanning, Mist Products‏

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